fuelsegmentsgroups module

Author: Valmor de Almeida dealmeidav@ornl.gov; vfda

Fuel segment

VFdALib support classes

Sat Jun 27 14:46:49 EDT 2015

class fuelsegmentsgroups.FuelSegmentsGroups(key=None, fuelSegments=None)[source]

Bases: object

Creates a dictionary of lists of fuel segment objects, with the keys typically being timestamps. Each fuel segment object has two data members, a Pandas Series for geometry spec and a panda DataFrame for property density.

AddGroup(key, fuelSegments=None)[source]

Appends the dictionary with a new key and associated list of fuelSegments. If the specified key is already present in the dictionary, then the specified list of fuel segments will be appended to the list of fuel segments already associated with the specified key.

  • key (str) –
  • fuelSegments (list) –
GetAttribute(groupKey=None, attributeName=None, nuclideSymbol=None, nuclideSeries=None)[source]

Returns the average value of an attribute amongst all elements in a group (WARNING: keys with no values associated with them will lower this average!). If groupKey is not specified, the function will return the average attribute value of every fuel segment element in the entire dictionary. If attribute is not specified, the function call will fail. If the key value specified does not match any keys in the dictionary, the function will return a value of 0.

  • groupKey (str) –
  • attributeName (str) –
  • nuclideSymbol (str) –
  • nuclideSeries (str) –


Return type:



Returns a list of fuel segments associated with a specified groupkey. If no group key is specified, then all elements in the dictionary will be returned. If the specified group key does not exist, then the function will return an empty list.

Parameters:groupKey (str) –
Return type:list

Checks if the specified key has a group of fuel segments associated with it.

Parameters:key (str) –
Return type:str
RemoveFuelSegment(groupKey, fuelSegment)[source]

Removes a fuel segment from a list associated with a specified group key. If the specified group key or fuel segment do not exist, the function will fail.

  • groupKey (str) –
  • fuelSegment (str) –

Return type: